Default Replacements For Samsung Apps? Smart Stay, etc.

Honestly, I froze most of the Samsung Apps on my stock ROM. Now I'm on CM11 and getting much better performance and battery life. I had disabled Smart Stay prior just to eek out as much battery life I could (I just added a screen toggle app to easily toggle the screen to stay on if I had to do a lot of reading.)

I know you can't use the native Samsung Apps because of no Touchwiz framework. I'm largely happy that my interface now is consistent with my Nexus 7. But I'm wondering if anyone has compiled a list of the closest replacement apps for the Samsung apps?

Smart Stay - Screen stays on as long as you look at it

Direct Call - If you are texting someone (or I think looking at their contact info also?) just put the phone to your ear to call them

Smart Alert - Know if you haven't used you phone since getting alerts and reminds you. (I already used better tools for this like 'Missed It!' and 'Missed Call Reminder'

Social tag - to geeky for me

S Voice - Google Now