Default Understanding a Bar Code Scanner App

I've been trying to figure out a Power Rangers bar code scanning app this afternoon.

It's called "Power Rangers Key Scanner" on the Play Store.

What it does is that the toys you buy in the stores come with little key action figures, and on the back of each key is a bar code that you scan with the key scanner app.

The bar code picture can be seen here:

I've found in the apk a file that lists data on 124 of those keys. I'm trying to figure out how the bar code works that it's reading to see if I can figure out the bar code for the majority of the keys. The list numbers them from 301 to 424, but the images for the app are numbered 301 to 424 as well.

There are 9 bits on each side of the square that it reads, and each one goes in between black and white, like binary, for 0 or 1. I can barely even tell if white or black is the 0 or 1 on it. Is there going to be a way to figure out which bar codes it is looking for or is looking this much into how a free commercial app works not for this area?
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