Question Restore Samsung Captivate Glide Bootloader (SGH-i927)

Hi all this great community, I have a serious problem with my phone Samsung Captivate Glide, and to install an application and hence fails to restart the logo of "samsung" and there can be hours, and try what they recommend in I have seen posts around here, removing the battery and waiting, by the way if I get both download mode and the recovery mode, and from there try to Re-Flasharlo the Official Stock ROM using Odin if I recognized and well if you did it correctly, but when I reboot again returns the logo of "samsung" and hence fails.

I also searched about it on google and other forums and especially the well known XDA say it is problem with the bootloader, now the question and doubt is like to recover or repair the damn bootloader, I searched on where to find some bootloader for my model, I have since seen some videos of other models of samsung as S and skyrocket with the same problem, there are the flash with odin also give the files of both the Bootloader, PDA, CSC, Phone callers flashing tools but I have found for my model.

I have also done the wipe's appropriate and even factory reset in the recovery mode and still nothing happen the logo.

By the way I had my phone updated to ICS 4.0.4 before I pass this problem because it came with Gingerbread 2.3, plus what I had rooteado with a program called "Kingo Android Root" which by the way is very effective and made me in less than 5 minutes without problem, I say all this for more information on this issue, if not affection to be something super-user.

I have also researched that used to do this with a "Riff Box Jtag" said the problem is not because I have no knowledge about it other than it requires special equipment

There will be some form of damage or repair this and my phone is garbage

I hope you can help me or guide me to do, I thank you in advance for your input and assistance.

Thank you ..

PD: sorry if my English do not understand because I do not know well