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I Somewhat agree, IIRC, TWRP became compatible with 4.4 about a week or so after 4.4's release, right? As choosing one or the other, I've never even tried TWRP, but I've never had any issues with CWM, so I'm happy. And as for the ROM, I think the simpler it is, the easier it is to get used to. Sometimes having hundreds of customizations can be a bit overwhelming.

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Personally i was using CWM recovery when it was the only option besides stock, and it always did a fine job at what it was intended to do. In the last year or so i started using TWRP solely for the purpose of its free touch based UI. Yes you can find CWM touch on the net for free, but they are asking for payment for it so i opted out. Both work great at what they do, and although one or the other may lag a bit from time to time keeping up with changes in the android world, as fast as things move these hiccups are to be expected.
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