Default Handwriting/marking over docs - pls solutions or altenatives


I want to add handwriting notes/markings/encirclement over documents mostly ebooks in .doc, .rtf , .pdf that i read, i've copy a lot of them on my micro SD card.

So if i open a .doc with POLARIS (feel free to make better recommendation) in reading mode it lets me to make diffrent handwriting over text(creating review comments over documents), when i exit it says document has been modified - i select SAVE, but if i open again the file all my notes are gone. In Editing mode there's no feature to handwrite, i mean not marking, just to add text, tables,pictures.

Can you please give me some advice or recommend another replacement ? I just got the Note and still testing it but i thought samsung integrated well the pen with document editing suite, it was one of major reasons i bought the Note 2014, yet i find its more complicated then i was expecting , and what enoys me is the lack of information, don't get me wrong there's a lot of it on internet but spread out in small tips and topics.

Tks for helping.