Default [Q] A few question about the Z1 before I buy it

Hi guys, i wanna buy a Xperia Z1 and I've been reading a lot of reviews but i also wanna see what users think so here are some questions:

1.Why is there such a lack of Roms, is it because of the bootloader unlock bug or what?

2.How is the performance, does it lag in HD games?

3.will there be more roms because the bootloader unlock bug got fixed in the 4.3 update?

4.Some people have some touchscreen problems is that happening with you and is it a software or hardware bug and how to fix it?

5.Some people's phones DIE HOW TO FIX IT????

6.If you've tried LG G2 then which do you think is better?

7. What is the TA partition and how to restore it?

8.I live in Iran and i don't think the 4.3 updatte is out yet so is there any other way to update it(stock firmware and no custom roms) and other than the bootloader bug being fixed is there any other new feature in the update.

9.Is the viewing angle really that bad cuz I've been hearing a lot about it.

10.What is the most stable custom rom?

11.Are you happy with it?????

Thank You