Question [Q] Virgin (ZTE) Awe ROM?

Hi there,

I just obtained a new Moto G which I am planning to use from now on, and I decided it would be beneficial to root my old phone -- Virgin (ZTE) Awe (N800) -- and try to gain some experience in the field of development. Mainly, however, I just wanted to upgrade the OS. I successfully rooted the phone using Kingo Android root; then I went on to try to install Cyanogenmod 11. However, it said my phone was unsupported.

Next step -- do it manually. So I downloaded the Android SDK and tried to get ABD running -- with no luck -- as I was trying to use abd sideload to load the OS file for Android 4.2 (but for Nexus 7). However, with failure after failure of trying to load abd, I has to ask myself: Will I brick my phone?

So, any thoughts? Are ROMs phone-specific? Can I get a better ROM for this phone? Would I brick it if I tried to load another phone's rom?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated!