Default [Q] Galaxy Note 2 - SIM card problems - Ariza Patched

Hello guys,

I have done so much research, but I think I'm lost in my own mind and have no idea what am I doing..

So my phone works all good, no problems and for the past couple of months I started off getting some kind of software update for my Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100). So yesterday I did it - and it messed up my network. My SIM was recognised, but it never connected to my network.

After that I used KIES to upgrade my device to 4.1.3 - still not working.

My network was not being able to be registered on my phone, i had "Emergency Calls Only" on my phone. After a couple of hours of research I found a topic somewhere about having to root my device, install busybox and Ariza patch it.

So I used Odin to extract CF-Autoroot into my device and rooted it.

Downloaded Busybox (Busybox didn't want to install for a loooong looong time, until I properly installed the 1.18.4 version).

Using Ariza Patch I patched my device - and now I am having really big problems. As I turn on my device - it tells me to insert my SIM (only after patching). So I just wiped my phone again, and it still does not want to work..

I have no idea what to do now, I have no idea how much a proper repair would cost for me - or is there something I can do myself?

Please help!

Thanks a lot.