Default [Q] Paranoid Android & Google Services SystemUpdateService


Apologies for cross-posting but I hadn't spotted that PA had its own fora.

I've just come over from CyanogenMod and with my Nexus 4 was caught out by the bug (in Google Services) which caused it to keep trying to download the stock OTA update over 3G, fail to apply it, and download it again. Could have been very costly if it wasn't for the data counter feature!
CM fixed it by adding an 'otablock' fix initially, then switched it to a package manager fix - to block the SystemUpdateService and its receiver from running ( ). I'm not sure if Google have fixed their bug; but I note that CM 11 still has the same fix.

I've had a dig through PA and can't find an equivalent block - is there some alternative mechanism incorporated into PA to prevent Google Services misbehaving when Google next release an OTA update? (I'm on a Nexus 5 now but believe this affected multiple devices when it happened). If not, is it something that could be/should be added? I appreciate it's really a Google bug but it could affect quite a lot of people.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what this ROM has to offer as features are added.