Prompt [Q] Unable to connect via ssh[rooted]

I got an s4 i9505 recently, rooted it using Kingo, installed various ssh servers but all of them refuse the connection.

I also have a Nexus 2012, rooted and it works fine. I noticed that when first connected a prompt appears on the nexus asking me weather I want to accept the connection and when I do everything is fine. This does not happen on my S4.

Also adb connects but if I type adb shell its refused again, strange. So I cant get an adb shell either.

I'm wondering if anybody else is having this problem. Knox is disabled in the settings.
Things are so much easier on my Nexus, it seems like Samsung have thrown in some security features.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ok so, I decided to do a reset, and root using Odin 7 CF Auto Root. I am able to connect over adb and get an adb shell now.

But shh is still being refused, very frustrating.