Default [Q] Htc one(M7)stuck in relocked bootloader

I'm stuck. So i have an htc one sprint latest version.So,I Moded my htc one with cyanogenmod,the mod was okay but it lagged in many ways so i decided to go back to stock rom.So i went looking for my ruu and got the 3.04.651.2 ruu.which is my version. Using the adt i "fastboot oem lock"my phone. well all was going fine until the "htc one rom update utility" says that there is a usb connection error.but the phone is connected the red led light is and it says "fastboot Usb".I already "fastboot oem lock" my device so i'm stuck on the bootloader without being able to go to recovery mode,it well just send me back to bootloader..Any ideas how to fix these.My Usb is working fine.At this point i don't care if i don't get my phone to stock rom,i would stay with the cyanogenmod i just want to use my htc one ( lol
Addiontal information:the bootloader says:
**security warning****