Question Reboot Loop with Assassins Creed App

Hey Folks,

This might be quite close to a few other similar issues posted here but Ive noticed a trend...

Here's what I typed out on the Samsung support site only to get a pop-up telling me to contact a support centre...

"This fault first occurred on 23rd December. The phone rebooted while playing the Android Assassins Creed 4 Game (app). The device then continued to reboot repeatedly, only reaching the samsung boot animation before rebooting again. I then tried removing the battery & booting the device, resulting in the same outcome, sometimes making it to the desktop but only briefly. If I leave the phone off over 30mins+ it will then boot & function normally. This has now happened 4 times. Only 2 of which during use of the Assassins Creed app. Also, 2 have occurred after a full factory reset. Can I also add that the battery is looking very slightly swollen now too. "
Ive now installed the aLogCat app but Im not sure how to capture log data if the phone is rebooting and I cant get into it...(not had to do this before).

Ive also tried removing the SD Card, wiping it, removing 0 byte files & also booting up into airplane mode with no improvement. A definite trigger seems to be the Assassins Creed companion app though it does not always reboot when using the app. Approx 2 in 10 uses so far
Device: Samsung Galaxy S3
ROM: ParanoidAndroid ROM