Unhappy [Q] Genymotion malfuntion

Hello guys, I purposely put that title above. The actual problem is I can't drag and drop to flash the Gapps, when I try to drag and drop, the icon changes to no-entry icon(see in attachment). Recently I've downloaded Genymotion and started using it, but I can't find those Gapps, so I browsed and I found that we need to flash them ourselves. Now ! Everywhere, the tutorial talking about this flashing always uses "DRAG & DROP" wth ! I can't do it. I've found some similar case and thread outside there. But maybe it's only a rare case, I still can't found an absolute solution for it.
I've came to stackoverflow threads with titles :
  1. Genymotion 2.0 “drag and drop”
  2. How to install google play service in the genymotion (ubuntu 13.04) .Currently it doesn't have drag and drop suport
(I can't post links yet). So I've tried all of them. But nothing work. One of them said that the problem is I've not installed Android SDK ("If you can't Drag&Drop that means you don't have the Android SDK installed on your PC") .I don't really understand that one. As I know, Android SDK doesn't have any connection to genymotion and they are not being installed instead only extracted. But somehow, I've edited my genymotion ADB setting to the Android SDK directory. I HAVE ANDROID SDK. Guys once again, appreciated that you're reading this till here. I've been working on this for hours and there's no solution. Please some experts help troubleshooting this trouble together with me. I'm sure there is someone out there who is facing the same problem too
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