Default [Q] No Network Data After Flash Custom ROM

Kind of long, but it's just a difficult explanation, please read and try to help me. Thank you.

Okay, so I have a really weird problem, and I can't seem to fix it at all. I rooted my T-Mobile Galaxy S4, and had no problem with data loss, then I flashed Darthstalker, and everything went fine and it flashed but then I noticed that whenever I shut my screen down when I was on anything other than E or 4G LTE, the phone would lose network signal, but what was weird is that I could still receive texts and phone calls. In order to get the signal back though, I had to go change the data type, and then change it back to normal.

So, then I read that wiping the Dalvik and the regular cache would fix it, and it didn't. Then, I also tried flashing a different ROM (Wicked v9.1) which also didn't fix it. So, I flashed the stock firmware and just got rid of the root and the problem was gone. I even tried rerooting and just installing only Wicked first just to see if maybe Darthstalker corrupted something. But, it still had the same issue, so I just went back to stock again.

Can someone please help me fix this? I've looked everywhere and I can't really find anything to help me out with this.

Thank you in advance.