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Hi Guys!

Hoping someone could help me out with customizing my Sprint HTC One. What I'm trying to do is to replace the original screen lock, screen unlock and low battery sounds with custom ones.

Now I did locate the folder /system/media/audio/ui and have found Lock.ogg, Unlock.ogg and LowBattery.ogg

I'm successfully able to replace Lock.ogg and Unlock.ogg and they work great. Now my problem comes with LowBattery.ogg. I can replace it with my custom sound but it doesn't have any effect. The same old sound still plays.

Now I've tried everything I could think of and nothing seems to work to get my custom low battery sound to play. Then I realized that the original LowBatter.ogg in the /system/media/audio/ui folder and the sound that actually plays aren't the same sound.

In the zip file attached are two files LowBatteryFile.ogg and LowBatterySound.acc.

LowBatteryFile.ogg is the original file found in /system/media/audio/ui
LowBatterySound.acc is a recording of the sound that actually plays when I get a low battery alert.

If you listen to them you can hear that they are different, LowBatteryFile.ogg is has a deeper base. So I came to the conclusion that LowBattery.ogg is not the alert sound that plays.

Does anyone know where the actually low battery sound file is located? Or how I can change the low battery alert sound.

Thanks a million!!

I'm also looking for the location of the "Pull-to-refresh" Sounds (the sounds that play when refreshing feeds and content) For example the sounds that play when refreshing the blinkfeed.

Thanks again!!
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