Default [Q] Bluetooth connection request????

A few days ago my S3 developed the most annoying problem. Every time I turn on a bluetooth device I get a notification that says "Bluetooth connection request." Then I have to pull down the notifications, click on the notification and approve the connection. And if I don't do this all within about ten seconds the opportunity to connect disappears and I have to power cycle my BT device.

This is with a paired device that is in the list of known devices, and it has happened with multiple devices.

I've had my S3 for nearly a year and I've never seen this before. And I've never seen it with any previous Android phone. Usually if I turn on a paired device it automatically connects. I have not done anything to my knowledge that would cause this. I am rooted and running completely stock 4.1, I have not upgraded to 4.3 although I'm tempted to upgrade now in hopes that it will clear this up. It is very annoying.

I have searched XDA and Google for a solution to this and there's really nothing out there. What is going on? Please help.