Default [Q] Data wipe does not work, Apps are still there

Ok, so I have a galaxy tab 2 7.0 16gb wifi. it has many apps installed, almost 200 mb left. Then, it went into an infinite reboot, like rebooting into the home screen and a few dialogs will be displayed like "Google Play store had stopped" then it will show my lockscreen app, espier locker (or something, forgot it) then it will reboot, again and again. I tried getting it into a service center to get it repaired, but they said the power button was broken or something, but the reboots were constant, they had patterns (logo, homescreen, then few apps will stop, then lockscreen, then reboot) also, i tried data wipe and cache wipe in the stock recovery, and it says success, but everything was still in there, like nothing happened. I also can't flash CWM or any ROM into it, it says passed, but nothing happens. Also, it is out of warranty, as it was bought a year ago. What will i do now?