Default [Q] Internal Storage shows incomplete list of folders

When attaching via USB and accessing the Internal Storage via Windows Explorer it takes a long time to display the list of files and folders (minutes) and the "complete" list is a small subset (just 6) of the available folders

However when I use Astro or ES FIle Explorer directly on the One everything looks fine

I'm rooted, S-OFF, SuperCID and running ViperOne 3.5.0 ROM

This has only started happening in the past few days with the most recent thing that I've done to the One is achieving S-OFF using rumrunners.

Can anyone offer any thoughts as to where the problem might be, PC Drivers, ROM, S-OFF etc?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum\thread, I was going to post it in the ViperOne developers thread but It's my first "need help" post and I don't have enough post count!

[EDIT} Just to close this out, the issue seems to have resolved itself. No idea why though, I didn't change anything from when I was experiencing the problem.
Will put it down to "one of those things" and keep an eye on it going forward!