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Long time reader, first time poster. Be gentle please

To keep it short as possible, over the last year or so I successfully rooted my Motorola Droid Mini on the Verizon network, following jcase's wonderful guides. (Using PwnMyMoto at first, then RockMyMoto...) Recently I received the OTA prompt to upgrade to KitKat 4.4. Before I accepted it, I followed the new set of steps for SlapMyMoto. All went well except at the last step when you are supposed to accept the OTA 4.4.

My phone is telling me that " There are no available updates. Your phone is up to date! ". Prior to this, I was on 4.2.2. Before doing anything leading up to 4.4, I re-flashed the 4.2.2 Camera Update as noted in the guide. I was back at an un-rooted, fresh 4.2.2 firmware, with Write Protection removed.

So when I finally got to the step of running jcase's Slapmymoto, and I was instructed to take the 4.4 OTA update after the reboot, when I went to the " About my Phone " page in the Settings menu, and selected updates, it simply said my phone was up to date and none were available.

I searched and searched for anyone with a similar problem but could fine none. Any ideas for why I would have been notified that 4.4 was available, but after a wipe/fresh install of the 4.2.2 camera update, verizon/motorola decided I no longer needed the update and said my phone was up to date? Head scratcher here!

Side note - I inspected some of the files in the root folder of the phone and many files are dated Dec xx 1969 ??żż Could this have something to do with it? Why are these files dated 1969?

Ok thats about it. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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