Question [Q] Custom Recovery and Nandroid backup for Fly F45Q Alps

Noteear sir/s,
First of all sorry to start this new thread as I don't know where and how to putup a question in the forums.(so as it is answered)
Second thing, i didn't get any resolution or satisfactory answer to some Qs previously asked.
Third one is that-- Every single person on this forum feels proud in calling a person noob.(May be he is a noob in this field but at his,
you are the one to be called an idiot<srry 4 using that word>)

Now to my problem..
I have a Fly F45Q handset running JB 4.2.1 Stock rom.
I'm a super user(rooted by motochopper method)
Removed bloatware from my smartphone
Titanium backup installed

Now the problem is that I want to make a full nandroid backup of my stock rom. Which is not possible(as I know till now) without custom recovery.
I installed rom toolbox pro and rom manager both of them doesn't support my device(I know it's hard for developers to come forward for each and every country specific device).
Neither CWM nor TWRP worked.

Now my Question is---
Is there any alternate for installing custom recovery on my smartphone
Is there any other method for taking a full nandroid backup of my stock rom and flashing with it again as I play with my os files frequently..

NOTE:- I can provide every single information you require regarding my phone viz..kernel, build , cpu, gpu, hardware, display, etc..
Thanks...and waitin for early favorable replies..