Unhappy [Q] CM10.2 Wifi keeps disconnecting.


My kindle Fire HD7 has issues with the Wifi connection: it keeps disconnecting all the time. I have tried everything: wifi fixer apps, airplane mod on while Wifi on, rebooting, deleting some app, rebooting the rooter, USB plugged or unplugged, perfomance/conservative mod etc. It just randomly disconnect.

The only way to use the Wifi is to manually reconnect it every 2 to 3min. First I though it was due to my rooter or hotspot or the interference with my neighbours. But my HTC one S is always connected to both and work perfectly.

I've noticed that my kindle fire is way slower (overall) than my old Htc one S. I suppose it is not normal, do you think I might have a bad setting (battery saving turning wifi off or something) ? On which performance setting are you using the KF ?

I am very disapointed with that KF: it is slower than a 2years old phone and that Wifi issue...

Here are some infos about the system:

Kindle fire running on:
Android version 4.3
Kernel version: 3.0.50+ (aug 11 2013)
CM 10.2-201330812

Kindle fire has an emac and an ip adress different than HTC one S.
I have to add: sometimes the wifi icon (top right corner) is blue or grey, I do not know what is means ?

Merry Xmas and happy new year to you all!