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Join The Battle...

A talented designer/developer at the company I work for put this game together... It is an addictive game with many levels to keep you playing. I am trying to spread the word.

We value the opinions so please feel free to leave comments:
  • What (if anything) would you change
  • What would you like to see in the game
  • Is it right for your device

Please Note: No actual moles were harmed in the making of this game.


The Moles have invaded your land, war is upon you. Pit your wits against the invading forces by sending your deadly bombs through various networks of tunnels, traps and obstacles that stand between you and your quarry.

Choose your fuse length and ignite the bombs then use your smartphone's accelerometer to lean left and right to guide the bomb as it falls downwards. Once you are deep in enemy territory you must try to get your deadly explosive close to the target before the fuse runs out.

Mole Warfare will test your bomb-rolling skills through 60 unique levels across 3 themed chapters of Moley mayhem. Max out your rankings by collecting as many coins as you can, using a shorter fuse and as few bombs as possible per level!

I am currently unable to post external links so please visit the Google Play Store today and search for Mole Warfare. There is a demo and paid version.