Default [Q] Play Store repeatedly quits?

I'm noticing that the Play Store is super smooth and stable on my Nexus 5, but a little bit crazy on my Nexus 7. Suppose I have 10 app updates. I open Play Store and press Update All. I leave the screen on because that seems to get it going faster.

Inevitably after a few apps have updated, it will force quit back to the home screen. Some apps will continue to update but not others. I reopen Play Store, navigate to My Apps. It is still updating apps but some of the ones previously on the list are now no longer updating. This cycle continues a few times until it's got maybe 3-4 apps still not updated and the rest are updated. Then I press Update All again, and one or two more finish and the rest don't after a few more force quits.

So basically I always have to babysit Play Store to get updates to finish. Anyone else seeing this?