Default [Q] Applying themes of apk's into new versions of the same apk

Hello xda,

From most of the threads I've read, there are lots of tools and guides on how to edit xml and how to change apk themes. However, I'm wondering if there is anything else you can do if you already have an older apk that is themed. Do you have to redo everything or is there an easier way to add the changes?

From what I have read, Remote Theme Injector and Virtuous Ten Studio offer lots of utilities for noobs (like me), though their themes generally apply to apk's of the same version. Android Holo Colors also seems like a viable option to facilitate theming updated apps.

In summary, I'd like to bring themes like that of Team Blackout to create dark versions of single apk's. I'm just wondering if there are other ways than redoing everything from scratch. If there are any other tutorials/guides or useful sites/tools (preferably less bulky ones), I'd be very grateful.
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