Default Sprint Note 3 on Verizon MVNO - StraightTalk, Page Plus, SelecTel, PLEASE HELP!!!

Dear Friends,

I have run into a STRANGE problem with the last two Sprint phones I have tried using on Page Plus and SelecTel. The problem is simple: I get speeds limited to .2Mbps on Note 3 and S4, no matter, WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW I am with the phone. This is perplexing, because, I have tested a Verizon OTA phone, right NEXT TO my N3 and S4, on the same service, at different locations, getting the NORMAL Verizon 3G speeds - that is, upto 2+Mbps.

I have been using flashed Sprint phones on Page Plus and StraightTalk for YEARS, but I have NEVER seen this issue.

I think the problem is with provisioning, because when a Speed Test is launched, my Note 3, for a brief second goes to 1Mbps+ speeds, and then something just pulls the speeds down. Now ST, may throttle, but I know Page Plus and SelecTel don't, so why is this happening? Is it the included SIM in the phones? Could that be the issue?

I need your help. If you are using a Sprint Galaxy S4 OR Sprint Galaxy Note 3 on StraightTalk (Verizon), Page Plus, OR SelecTel, please:

1. Run a Speed Test for me and report your speeds.
2. Tell me if you have the SIM in your phone, and if so, which one is it, and how did you get it?
3. Share ANY knowledge, tips, or reasons why this could be happening to me?

I am so darn frustrated from this, and am not getting answers anywhere?

Lastly, yes, the 3G keys are in fact, properly written to the phone, because in phone status I can see that the Phone is authenticated and connected and EVDO Rev A.

Appreciate your help in advance! Thank you.