Default [Q] CM 10.2 installed on i9505 with CM-installer crashes and crashes and...

Hi there,

fascinated by CM, I installed it meanwhile twice on my 9505 using the new Installer.

For the first 2 weeks, everything looked fine, but after some time, the phone started to shut down at random more and more frequently, by now after approx 10 minutes of use.

After this shutdown, a restart is pretty difficult - when I simply start again, it freezes at the "Samsung 9505" Screen; forcing a new start then provokes and endless loop of newstarts initiated by the phone itself; only taking the battery off helps at this point.

I'm pretty despaired, because I learned to love CM and its endless possibilities during the first 2 weeks... as mentioned above, the situation didn't improve after a second installation via the CM-installer.

What could be the prob and how can I fix it?

THANK YOU so much 4 help!

CASE CLOSED: The prob seems to be absolutely independent of CM - my battery is slightly bloated and this prob is known to cause such strange behaviour... Samsung will replace it.