Default [APP][4.0+] RadioDrive - Music Player for Bikers

This app was started to solve a pretty basic problem I was having - wanting to know the time while riding my motorbike into work. The first version simply read out the time with Text-to-Speech after each song in a playlist.

It quickly became apparent that this idea of having things read out in between songs had a lot more potential than just that.

Imagine having your text messages, missed call info, new emails, weather updates automatically read out to you when you're out listening to music while riding/driving/running and not able to safely or easily check your phone. (Think JARVIS from Iron Man or a radio station where the broadcaster only talks about stuff relevant to you.)

That's the premise for this app. Currently it can read out:
  • New SMS messages (incl. sender's name or number and full message)
  • Missed call info (incl. caller's name or number)
  • Local weather conditions, including wind speed, temperatures, tomorrow's forecast
  • Current time
  • Device battery level
Another thing - if you're wanting to just hit the road, it's a pain having a set up a playlist or configure your music player. To address this, there is no setup necessary - to use it you can literally just open it and hit the Play button. By default it'll shuffle all the music on your phone and give you notifications from time to time or when new messages come in.

Other features
  • 4x3 home screen widget
  • Lock screen player controls
  • Hardware media button support (e.g. headphone, bluetooth controls)
  • Automatic pause on low battery (to conserve power for your phone when on long rides)
  • Edit your play queue with gestures - swipe to remove songs, drag to rearrange

It's still early in development, so give it a go and let me know what you think via the "Send Feedback" option in the app or in this forum thread. I'm interested to hear feedback - the more nit-picky the better.

It's completely free (as in beer. No ads either) for the foreseeable future. I want to get more feedback from users before beginning to think about charging for it.

I'm also considering open-sourcing it, or at least making an open interface for 3rd party apps to implement their own types of announcements (like Roman Nurik's DashClock widget). This would really depend on interest from developers though. If you're a developer and think you may be interested in extending the app, please let me know.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: if you do not already listen to music over headphones while riding, you are NOT encouraged to start doing so with this app. Obviously there may be extra risk involved. You are responsible for your own safety and if you choose to do so it's probably best to keep the volume low.

Link to app on Google Play