Default [Q] The Speaker and Network doesnt work.

Hi XDA users.

My problem is just same as this thread's title.

A few months ago,
suddenly I had an idea which try to disassemble my Xperia Play.
So I did that and consequently one part of touch screen couldnt work normally.

So I decided to repair it and it has been repaired.
But another problem was happened...

First, the speakers didnt work.
At that time I flashed Gin2Kitkat.
Though I flashed any other ROM, they havent worked still now,
I think the reason of this problem isnt software but hardware,
The only solution seems to replacing this part.

Moreover it cant connect network.
In my country there are two carriers which I can connect with my Xperia Play.
But though I selected one my SIM card support, it couldnt get any network.
However SIM card itself isnt wrong.
Because it worked normally when I put it another device.

I want to repair it.
But I dont know what should I replace component.
It is main board?

Also I wonder whether there is a way I can buy it.
For reference if there is any item in eBay, I can purchase it.