Default [Q] Need help - Can't use HOTSPOT/Tethering

i got the Verizone S4 and it's SIM-LOCK and I can't use the HOTSPOT/Tethering option, getting Error about MDN or ICCID not valid.

i triad bunch of stuff but non of them worked for me, and I got myself into soft-brick and was able to bring the phone back using Odin and this file: SCH-I545_VZW_1_20131212083410_mwx72ql56g_fac
ALL_I545VRUEMK2_I545VZWEMK2_1937946_REV06_user_low _ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5

now I have root using this tool:
I don't have Verizone SIM, but if i put the right APN settings the internet is working.
is there some way to SIM-FREE this model?
how can I use the Tethering option?

this is my phone details: