Default Nexus 7 Mistery?

Guys, I don't usually post on forums but now I just can't make myself sending it back without making sense of this first.

So I got the Nexus 7 one month ago, barely used it and didn't install any fancy stuff on it. One week ago I saw an app that I wanted and before installing it I had to install BusyBox. In my foolishness I didn't read the description that the tablet has to be rooted before I install it.

When the installation finished this exact problem suddenly happened:

Why I'm determined it's a hardware problem:

- The next morning I turned it on and everything was back to normal, however, after 15 seconds it slowly dimmed and got back to that exact screen
- You can navigate the menus and hear the sounds
- The morning after again, back to normal, I hurried and did a factory reset and deleted everything. This didn't help at all, the problem was still there and the screen never went back to normal even for a few seconds.
- It keeps the same lines in the recovery menu and on boot.

While everything points it's a hardware problem and the guy on YouTube said Asus replaced his display, how can this simply be a COINCIDENCE? For this to happen exactly when I installed something it wasn't supposed to be installed if the tablet wasn't rooted?