Default [Q] Potential recovery issues on encrypted HOX+ with rooted stock ROM

Hi guys,

I'm running an international HOX+ with unlocked HBOOT-1.72.0000 plus an unrooted 4.2.2 stock ROM. Unfortunately, I messed up to backup the stock ROM in recovery mode before rooting the phone. After rooting, I encrpyted the whole device.

To my best understanding, TWRP (here version supports handling of encrypted filesystems. After launching recovery mode the log anyway contains "Unable to mount '/data'" and I'm not able to perform any operation on the filesystem. Also any attempt of manually mounting fails.

For the moment being, that's not a problem, since everything runs smoothly. In the future, anyway, I might envisage to perform an OTA-update (if there should be a stock ROM 4.3) or an update to cyanomodgen 10.2. But after consulting various posts here, I'm in doubt, if things would indeed work out as expected. Can you give hints how to proceed with the three subsequent issues?

Update via OTA
As far as I know, running updates via ota requires a (re-)locked bootloader and a stock recovery partition to be installed.

Is the relock really mandatory? If yes, I'd assume "adb oem lock" is appropriate to tackle it.

For the stock recovery, I've found an image here at

Would it be sufficient to flash this recovery.img via fastboot to allow launching the regular OTA update on the encrypted system afterwards?

Update to custom ROM
Since obviously neither TWRP nor CWM Recovery are able to deal with the encrypted data partition (yet), installation of a different ROM requires a workaround. I read that mounting a tmpfs to /sdcard and proceeding via sideload is feasible to apply patches from TWRP in case of an encrypted device. Nonetheless, is such a proceeding also reasonable to flash a custom ROM in the given situation?

Factory Reset
If the latter approach fails, the path might lead via factory reset, first. I've stumbled upon this discussion:

Should I expect any problems to carry out a factory reset either directly from the boot menu or from TWRP?

Thanks for your hints in advance!

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