Phone CyanFox 4.4.2 Try out

I didn't run this one for very long since it did the same as Paranoid Android with clearing out folders I had created. I did notice however, that it occured when I set a live wallpaper. I don't know if it is particular to the live wallpaper I was running or all live wallpapers. When I restored the default wallpaper my folders were still empty. Too bad too because it looked like it was running just fine. It appeared I would have been able to set it up just the way I liked. Except for the live wallpaper. I have gotten used to that and my phone seems kinda blah without it.

I followed usual flashing instructions and played around with it a bit before I started installing apps. The first app I installed was Titanium Backup. From there is was a small matter to get back all the rest of my apps along with all the data. I didn't keep it on my phone long enough to try out call quality. But as I recall, I did make a call using PA and it seemed to do just fine.

Back on Avatar now and I guess I'll just wait until they come out with their Kit Kat version. If I run into the same issues with that I'll try to work it out then.

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention. In both the PA Rom and the CF Rom, I noticed that when the phone reboots while on the charger it doesn't automatically start charging right away. I had to unplug and plug in again before I got the charging indicator. Pretty weird there. Must be a Kit Kat thing?