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Hey all,

Droid 3 using Minimoto 1.7 (Safestrap install) here. I've been using the phone as normal for almost a year before this happened -

Can anyone help me figure out what this "streaming media" app is? I was using the internet as normal one day and suddenly I noticed it had gulped 100MB in a very short time. At that point I thought it might have been the Youtube app (which Advanced Task Killer reported was running in the background) streaming crap so I deinstalled the app (also turned off 'allow apps from unknown sources'), rebooted the phone, and very carefully browsed for a bit while checking the data usage frequently. Suddenly it had taken another 130 MB.

I only have 500MB per month which is my only non-work internet access and I watch it like a hawk. This "thing" has now eaten half of that. Extremely annoyed!

Right now the only thing I have installed that might be considered "streaming media" is Soundcloud, which I haven't even run in a couple months. I'm getting worried about malware, etc. as I have no idea what this is nor what it's doing. I've never seen that show up in the data logger before. BTW the data logging app is My Data Manager but I have confirmed the extra data use appears on my bill, i.e. it is 'real' data and not just a bug in the app. I have "auto update apps" turned off in the Play Store and the "system updates" screen comes up blank (didn't think Minimoto would 'pull in' updates anyway?)

Also, I put my SIM card back in my old phone (HTC Dream running Android 1.5) and it works just as it always did with no unexplained data. At this point I don't want to get the Droid online at all for fear that it would gobble up the rest of my data and go over. (I thought of running something like Avast or Malwarebytes but it seems they are only legitimately available from the play store which means the phone must be online - argh!)

Any help appreciated - thanks in advance!
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