Default help rooting failed

1st I could not find Nook Simple Touch on the All Forums area.

We have a Nook Simple Touch. We just got it Christmas. We use amazons kindle for books. So I saw a thing about nooking it. I download the lastest update and used windiskimager32 to burn it on to a microsd.

Put card into nook and booted. It told me software was loaded to remove card and reboot.

I did after reboot it went to nook screen with dots and never moves from there. It flashes black and white.

I did factory reset but it never took.

I found nookmanger went to try it and saw it had a way to back up the nook. But my card will not hold it due to it went from 2G to 79MB. So I coutinued on to use nookmanger and rooted it.

failed patching uRamdisk , PackageInstaller not modified, ModManager not available for 1.1.0

at the bottom it said Success. But it still has same screen when I try to reboot. Nook with the dots it moves to 3rd dot and screen goes black then white.

Any and all help would be appreciated.