Default [Q] Retrieving text messages from Samsung Galaxy s 3 phone with screen not working


I posted this message a while back but I couldn't understand how to try what was suggested, or maybe they weren't the solution to the problem. I further asked the advisors but didn't get any replies, so I thought I would post again in a hopefully more relevant area of this site. This is a genuine request and would appreciate the help.

I have a broken Galaxy 3 phone where the screen suddenly stopped functioning with a total blackout so I can't use the phone at all. There is no problem getting the phone fixed within a couple of days but the problem is I want to save all my messages, contacts and other data, to my pc, especially one conversation text message thread that has gone on for about a year. I want the information to be able to be viewed independently on my computer like I read emails etc. and then I can store it on a portable hard drive by copy and paste. Samsung kies doesn't seem to allow for this. I can back up the phone apparently but the info can only be read by another similar phone so it is restricting how you see your own information. I want the information on my computer without the need of another similar phone because what if I decide to buy a totally different phone that has software that's not compatible. The shop representing Samsung who will fix the phone said that everything gets wiped and they won't even have Kies on their computers because they think its unstable software. Ideally it would be great if there was some kind of software for my computer that enabled it to read all the info on the phone as if the phone was a flash drive connected by USB and then I could simply copy and paste across from phone to computer. The phone is recognised by the computer through the USB but obviously it can't read inside the folders on the phone which just show as empty. Anybody know of anything to get the results I want? Thanks.