Default 4.4.x ROM or not?

I was just wondering how others are liking the 4.4 custom ROMs out there so far. I am running Task650's 4.3.1 AOKP ROM and like it a lot. I have tweaked most things to my liking and only get occasional hiccups. That being said I have been running it for almost two months and am getting the itch to switch to kitkat as I always want the "latest and greatest". The problem I am finding is that the half dozen I have tried all have issues with the aosp browser font size being off (really noticeable on xda), most of them also don't support micro SD formatted with exfat, and it also looks like I would have to use Google's ugly emojis if I want to keep the stock messaging app which I like to use. I know these are all nitpicks and I don't want to sound like a whiner as the developers do tons of amazing work for free for a freeloader like me

Interested to hear what people think the evolving of 4.4 custom ROMs will be like and what advantages they have found over 4.3 ROMs. Cheers!