Default Signal issues with KK 4.4.2

I'm having an issue with Kangakat 4.4.2 v6.0 version on my i337 GS4.

My signal meter on LTE randomly drops to 1 bar, and even sometime it will drop to no bars which show a 0 dBm. Then go back up to 3 or 4 bars.

This happens at my house, where using a Jellybean 4.3 GE rom don't do this. Matter of fact today I had my wife's iPhone 5 sitting right next to mine, and my phone was dropping to 1 bar at -89 dBm, then to 0, all the while my wife's iPhone had full bars of LTE.

I've tried the MF3, MJ9 and MK2 basebands and all do the same thing, although MF3 seems to do it a little less. I don't have this issue using a stock 4.3 ROM I've been using for awhile before trying out 4.4.2.

Anyone have any clues and came across this?