Default Possibilities, possibilities..

Hey guys!
I'm considering getting a S4 mini to replace my aging HTC HD2. Right now, still in the run, are the Moto G, the S4mini, Samsung Express II and any Chinese phone I can get for 200$ free of contract. I can get the Samsungs for a very low price but the other two I'd pay full price.
I'm mostly looking for a phone with good battery life, decent screen and processor (nice GPU would be nice, though secondary: I don't do much gaming), at least 1GB of RAM and preferably a SD slot.
I'm a compulsive tinkerer and my ROM of choice is AOKP so availability of said ROM on my new phone would also be appreciated.
To be honest the S4mini is looking pretty tempting and that's why I posted here.. What do you guys think? Is there another possibility I might have overlooked? Thanks

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