Red face DioPen Chinese IME.apk 1.0.5 for Samsung Galaxy Core

samsung has no longer using and abandoned the diopen chinese ime using from galaxy series, and adopt the google ime instead, it happened since jelly bean have been released. Although google ime support more than 60 languages of writing, typing and voice recognation, and also very accurate like diopen in both typing and handwriting, unfortunately it still lack of a critical feature, yet a very useful important one: the full screen handwriting mode (like in z10 , q10) and some other minor features. That's why I had extracted the latest newest version of diopen from previous galaxy device to be install in galaxy core. DioPen Chinese IME is an award-winning Android application that makes both typing and handwriting chinese become very much easier, faster and extremely very accurate.

the note for beginner :
1. firstly you have to & should root your galaxy core.
you can easily use FramaRoot 1.6.1.apk
FramaRoot official post/discussion
2. you have to install a Root Browser / Root Explorer application, you can use Root Browser

the files installation :
1. copy DioPenChineseIME.apk to system/app
2. copy , , , , to system/lib

The error message is: Invalid Model HWR deactivated , Latest news, this issue is resolved.
Open system/build.prop with Root Browser / Root Explorer application ,
modify ro.product.model= ...... , change the content ......... become GT-S5360
After modification, you should restart the phone and it will be fully working.

It has 4 modes in chinese and english :
* Qwerty Keypad
* 3x4 Keypad
* Handwriting Box
* Handwriting Full Screen

Download : DioPen Chinese IME.rar