Default [Q] Video playback on VJ 4.2.2 v.6.3

Hey guys,

I have kind of an annoying problem; I'm running VJ's JB ROM, v.6.3, with alpharev stock HBOOT, newest 4ext touch recovery, and 1 GB ext4 partition and 256 mb swap partition.

And everything seems to be working just fine, BUT!

Netflix and YouTube wont play! Now, that's not the same as "they wont work". The apps are fully responsive and everything, it's only when I choose a video to play that it stalls.. Neither YT or Netflix videos wont start..!!

Tried uninstall, reinstall, clear data + cache, sign in again, and everything.. nothing!

I then searched the net for this issue, and it seems that JB has had some issue with video playback in Netflix... but as far I as understand that should be solved by now... And even if that explains Netflix, what's up with youtube..?

Anyone else has these problems..?


- H
Phone: HTC Desire
HBOOT: AlphaRev Stock
Recovery: 4EXT Touch RC9
Rom: Evervolv KitKat
Scripts: a2sdx