Default [Q] [U9200] Cannot install GAPPS, signature verification failed

I installed a Chinese official ROM (JB 4.1.1, Ch-B704) on my Huawei Ascend P1 (following the guide written by olav,
Everything worked, but now it's time to install Google Apps and I'm facing some problems.

I tried to install different GAPPS, but every time i try to install the zip package through TWRP I get a "Signature verification failed" error, and the procedure fails.

I couldn't find any topic about this topic. Does anyone have any idea on this?
Thank you everybody!

I tried to install
- GAPPS mini (miuiandroid)
- GAPPS Cyanomod team

I tried to install using:
- PhilZ Touch (CWM Advanced) 5.15.0