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I feel like I'm alone out here wandering around the 'design communities', whether it be Designer News, Hacker News, or /r/web_design & /r/webdev, all alone. Do any of you venture into those domains?

My apologies for the OT start there. What apps, tools, and/or utilities do you use with your phone and whatever machine you do the majority of your designing/developing on? Aside from all the useful cloud services I've been unable to find any apps that truly assist me in my workflow. I'm mainly talking about responsive cross-device testing. Adobe Edge Inspect seems to have it's good days and it's bad days for me, and I've yet to try the display mirroring apps such as Skala Preview and iDisplay (I believe that's correct).

So I'm curious if I'm missing out on anything here. I do use TurboEditor [Unlocked] on the rare occasion that I have to make a change or fix something immediately and don't have time to get to my desk, and I've found DropSync extremely handy, but that goes beyond web design/development.