Default [urgent!!!] c6943 roms!!!

As a C6943 owner, i'm very sad that i can't find any custom rom that is compatible with my model. As the difference between C6903 and C6943 is just the digital TV, i can flash a c6903 rom, but I will lose the digital tv feature.
I believe that to have this feature, a rom just need a framework module or something liek that, which don't seem to be hard to do... I'm not a dev and i don't know anything about creating roms.

So i ask for you developers to try and add this very important feature in your roms to all the C6943 owners.

Or even better, help create a zip file with the TV modules that we could just flash after flashing a c6903 rom to get tv back (is that possible?)


We will be very gratefull =)