Question [Q] LGOG sometimes stuck on bootani, some others not

Hey there, LGOG buddies.

I have a question that leaves me puzzled. I hope you could help me figure out its answer and thus solve my doubt.

My partner has a LGOG from a Chilean operator ("Claro Chile"). It came with the operator splash screen and boot animation (which I hated, by the way) so I downloaded the original animations, located where the operator's was placed and replaced it (it's directory was in Cust->system/cust ---> poweron).

For about 2 months the animation did not give any problem, but since 2 weeks more or less the device has been gettting stuck after the LG splashcreen and right before starting the boot animation. It does not happen always, though; sometimes he reboots his device and it boots normally. Other times, my partner has to turn his device off and on several times before the boot animation appears and the device boots normally.

My question is: what could be the cause of this issue? Could it be problems in the boot animation or how the device boots it's services?

I hope you could help me. Any idea is welcomed.

Thanks in advance.