Exclamation Unable to link Instagram with Facebook

Hi guys,

I apologise if I posted in the wrong topic. Just let me know and I'll delete my post and open up a new topic.

I just started using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active 2 days ago and I've been having this problem. I can't seem to connect any of my applications to Facebook.

When I first installed Facebook app, I logged in fine and everything. Then, it prompted me to log in to sync applications so I clicked on the notification and an error came out (please see first attached picture).

I clicked on that link in the error and still nothing happened (yes, I am connected to a Wi-Fi and all other internet connections are working).

Then I tried to link my Instagram to my Facebook and it just keeps loading endlessly (see 2nd attached picture).

I've tried reinstalling Instagram, reinstalling Facebook, reinstalling both apps, nothing works.

This issue also happens to other apps that I try to link to Facebook (e.g. Foursquare, Waze, etc.), so I'm guessing it's a Facebook issue but I can still go on the Facebook app normally with no problems.

Just wondering whether anyone had the same issue and how did they fix it?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help. Much appreciated.
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