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i am new to flashing and all i want to update my z1 as of now i dont want to root it coz it seems a little complicated to me so i was updating it through pc companion no OTA yet, but its taking forever to download the firmware form the pc companion i thought of flashing ftf what i want to know is it ok to flash it n get the exact same experience as in pc companion also do i need to make backup of nytn? like TA partition and all those stuff???
right now i am on .257 wanted to root but dont wanna downgrade so i will wait a while root for 4.3

thanx in advance
You don't need to root, unlock the bootloader or backup TA. Just go to the general section, find a list with ftf. 's, find the one you like and use Flashtool to put it on your phone. Everything is explained in the video.

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