Question [Q] Reviving a bricked nüvifone A50?

Good evening,

well, you could call this post my "last hope" to find some support when it comes to turning a seemingly completely bricked GARMIN/ASUS nüvifone A50 into something better than a dim glowing paperweight...

I got this device as a "present" with the quote "hey, maybe you can do something with this". Sure, after spending some searching online I should have thrown it at the former owner - WAIT, I didn't mean that

What does the A50 do? Only low level stuff like showing the bootup screen, the charging screen, I can enter the "wipe userdata" mode (which is supposed to restore the phone contents from a hidden partition) which does NOTHING (performed several times, even overnight) - and I can enter the "USB POLLING MODE" which also leaves me clueless.

I attached the device (in USB POLLING MODE) to my windows box and a running ADB - no device found. The only reaction I get: in the device manager panel I see the device "ADB INTERFACE" and the "Garmin-Asus Android Bootloader Interface" show up as soon as I connect the A50.

When I start up the A50 "normally", it stays stuck at the bootlogo - connected to the PC I get two drive symbols appearing, but not readable from windows - and using the "properties" of the explorer and the device manager I see only "0 bytes" capacity.

Seems that the complete flash including the recovery partition has been wiped - there go my hopes.

Is there a way to construct some kind of emergency boot file on the SD card to get the device in a responding shape? I'm afraid that GARMIN points me to ASUS and vice versa as this device has been discontinued some time ago. And for me it's just a question of honor to bring it back into some kind of working condition. Yes, failure IS an option here, but if somebody has any clue for me, I would be really happy.

Anyway: best wishes for the new year!