Default KK Clock

Hey guys--

I've noticed an issue with the stock clock app since upgrading to KK. It adds a notification 2 hours before any alarm with the option to disable it, which is fine but unnecessary and it makes my status bar very sloppy since there's 2 alarm icons at that point. I'd rather just disable it.

I've researched and supposedly there's a setting in the clock app to disable it if you go to settings from the alarm screen. That doesn't seem to be the case in my version. Does anyone know if Moto removed that from their skin?

Any other ideas how to resolve this?

One idea I saw was to disable the clock app's permission for making a notification. Tried that, and the second icon did indeed still gone, obviously. But the alarm didn't work right. It sounded, but the screen didn't go on and the phone didn't vibrate. When I woke it up manually, the sound kept going off, but the only way to dismiss the alarm was to launch the app and turn the slider to off because no alarm screen ever appeared.

Any other ideas how to more successfully disable that notification?