Default [Q] Paid apps force close issue

Hello XDA!
I'm in possession of two devices: The Nexus 5 w/4.4.2, and a Kindle Fire HD running CM10.2 (latest build) (Thanks Hashcode!)

When I got the n5, I also got Gplay credit, and bought some apps.
Note that the Kindle has nearly no bugs that I can notice and operates fairly smoothly under normal circumstances.
But when installing a select few of those paid apps on my Kindle, they always force close upon opening.

The weird parts are that 1. it's only two of the apps I paid for, 4 others work fine and 2. the apps that are broken are nowhere to be found within /data/app. however, they show up as installed in the Store, under the Apps tab in Settings, and even in Clean Master.

The apps currently in question are Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and Bloons Tower Defense 5.

So is the Play Store screwing up, or are the apps trying to install themselves in the wrong place, or what?