Cool [CUSTOM ROM][MICROMAX A57]V-Edge_Xzotika

V-Edge Xzotika™
An Xzotic Rom for Ninja A57

Xzotika™ v2

Xzotika™ v2 ROM
Final Verified Version

Xzotika™ v2 Themes
Do Not Use OLD Themes with This Rom

Xzotika™ Themes Enabled: Find in Settings-->Addon
Can now switch between MultiBG & Static versions in seconds by switching Themes
Unique Framework with 9 Xclusive Themes
Full screen Call ID and Advanced Dialer
Tabbed SystemUI Phone & Tabbed Settings
Various Modified Applications included
V1 bug Fixes & Additions on Demand
Statusbar Mod, OGBatteryMod Support enabled

<b>How to Change Themes</b>

-: Procedure :-
Download & Extract Theme Folder on SD Card
Open Theme Choser:</b>Settings --> Addon</b> --> <b>"Xzotika Themes"</b>
Read <b>Instructions</b> carefully.
Click <b>'Select Theme'</b> to browse the saved themes on SD Card.
Click any <b>Theme</b> to see <b>'preview'</b>. Hit <b>"Apply"</b> to set desired theme.
Device will then reboot with new Xzotika Theme...Enjoy !!!

-: Must Read :-
Do not leave space in Name of Theme Folder in which u copying themes on SDCARD.
While applying themes Do Not keep touching screeen here & there. You may get "Xzotika Theme Chooser-Not Responding message"
Even though if u get any such message always Hit "Wait" never "Force Close" Xzotika Themer.
You may get "Force Close" message for some apps during process b'coz those Apps got modified by Theme & need a Reboot
Dont bother...Just Close such apps "FC" messages and Click <b>"Reboot Now"</b> at earliest possible.
In any case if u miss hitting "Reboot Now" or if selected "Reboot Later", then Reboot manually by removing battery or whatever method you know.
For Smooth application of Xzotika themes everytime before applying new theme delete "vrtheme" "vrtheme-backup" (recommonded)
Before Applying any theme always once "Clean Up Theme Temp Files" from menu of 'Xzotika ThemeChooser'.

Xzotika™ v2 Themes Previews

Xzotika™ v2 Contacts & Phone UIs
Note: Contact & Favorite button added on Dialer (Easy Access)

Xzotika™ v2 Statusbar
Note: To Close SB press back button

Xzotika™ v2 Xposed Framework Support
Note: Find the App in Settings-->Addon

Xzotika™ v2 JB EsterEggs Support

Xzotika™ v2 Setting Owner's Picture
Note: Find the App in Settings-->Addon

Xzotika™ v2 OGBattery-Mod with Edited Battery
Note: Find the App in Settings-->Addon

Xzotika™ v2 Extended Power Menu

Xzotika™ v2 Mms UI

Glimpse: What does a Theme change ?

Xzotika™ v2 Widgets

Xzotika™ v2 Settings V-Edge_Wallpapers
Note: App not included in V2: For APK Click Here



"Do Not Kill Me" if missing someone...
Rather Help me Strenthen my Memory !!!
Jérôme Van Der Linden
For Android Holo COLOR Generator website
GameXpro Rom Developer & Xperia Forums
Fetched few UIs & Ideas from this Rom
For DCSMS Widget Application
JellyBeans Easter Egg Creator
For EasterEgg Application and Guide
For his Awesome Work on SystemUI
Ninja3Rockz Developers
Prashanth Meesara . Suraj Kumar . Maruti Gagan . Aryan Sharma . Sandeep Kumar . Prithviraj Shetty &
For solutions fetched during Modifications
..and the Most to ADHITHYA RAJAGOPAL
For developing Quantum Themer used as base app for "Xzotika Themes"

-: Words from Rom Builder's Desk :-

The purpose of Creating Xzotika™
Multiple Density Support
Extending looks to match ICS/JB
Adding better looks to apps which we see now & then
Correction of Issues remain hung in TIPOiCE

Xzotika™ is just an attempt to beat the looks of High end devices. Irrespective of credits or criticism on this creation that I may receive, I believe Xzotika™ is good like all other listed Roms; which were created with lots of involvement and investment of precious time of developer. However, Xzotika™ is a little bit personalized Rom and hence not everyone will love everything on it. In such a case Feel free to use its apps separately or try to mod them according to your requirement. You never need a permission for the same.

Don't u Feel its All Awesome !!!

find & hit it for

Interested in earlier version ? Find Xzotika™ v1 here

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